We all love trees, especially the one that is standing in our yard. We realize that that tree has been standing there long before we were born, and it has witnessed the growth of our family. Aside from the sentimental values, that tree in our yard is in fact very beneficial to us. It is making the atmosphere around our property cooler, it provides shade when we want to stay out doors, and still the most important of all, it produces the oxygen that we breathe. 

With all of that said, we are grateful for our tree, and we also want to give something back to it. One way of giving back to our tree is to trim them, or as many call this ‘pruning.’ Trimming or pruning will give a lot of benefits not only for the tree but us as well. 

  1. It improves Strength

One benefit of trimming your tree is that it will improve its strength. When there is an upcoming storm, if you want your tree to survive and not to be uprooted, you might have to do trimming now.  

When you trim your trees, you are removing undesirable and unnecessary branches, which eats nutrients and are adding weight to the trunk and roots. When you trim and remove them, you are making the tree fitter, and they would most likely withstand that upcoming storm. 

  1. It removes hazardous branches

Our trees sometimes develop sickly branches, that are structurally very weak and can fall off anytime. This type of branches is very hazardous because it can fall off on you or anyone that comes by near the tree. 

Another instance wherein branches can be hazardous is when they grow excessively, and they reach the electrical lines. They can damage that lines and cause inconveniences like a power outage, or accidents like fire or electrocution. When you trim your trees, you are minimizing the risk of accidents. 

  1. It can stimulate growth or stop it

Another benefit of trimming is that you will influence the growth of the tree. When you are skilled in the ways of trimming and pruning, you can actually stimulate the growth of the tree or stop it. Your newly planted tree would grow faster because it can use the nutrients for growth instead of the undesirable branches. Conversely, trimming certain parts of the tree can stump its growth, and you would avoid accidents like those involving the power lines. 

  1. Treat Diseases

The last benefit on this list is that trimming can treat diseases or stop it from spreading. Trees like us are living things, and they can also acquire diseases. These diseases can start on the branches, and one way to stop its spread is to cut off the diseased branch itself. These prevent the spread of the virus, and the tree can heal itself. 


Because of these beneficial reasons, you might as well research and learn to prune yourself. If you don’t want the hassle, you can contact excellent professionals like tree service atlanta to do the job properly.